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At The Sandford we have invested in the latest technology to ensure the treatment you receive here is second to none. The equipment we have ensures that our dentists have everything they need in-house, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for our patients.

Many practices have to use external referral centres in central London to provide CT scans and microscopes but we have it all here under one roof so you won’t need to go elsewhere.

the CT scanner

Our cone beam CT provides high resolution images that provide complete three dimensional views for a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

what are dental CT scans used for?

Dental CT scans allow dentists to plan for complex dental procedures such as dental implant treatment with incredible precision and accuracy.

The scan will be helpful to the dentist in some of the following ways:

  • To check the patient’s suitability for dental implants
  • To check bone quality prior to placement of dental implants
  • To find the most suitable area in the jaw bone to place a dental implant
  • To have a 3D view of the sinus cavities, to assess the need for sinus lifts

microscope - redefining the concept of visualisation

Our top of the range microscope enables us to achieve the optimum visualisation on every tooth. Using a microscope is being more widely recognised by dentists as essential when providing certain types of treatment. It has been proven that the use of a microscope in the role of root canal treatment has dramatically increased the success rates that can be achieved.

As the patient, you can be confident that you are being treated by experienced professionals with excellent facilities.

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