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At The Sandford many of the patients who come to us have always been self-conscious of their teeth, but didn’t want to have their teeth straightened as a child. Now, they find their beautiful new straight smile has not only improved their appearance but boosted their confidence and in some cases completely changed their lives.

With the latest techniques and expertise available here at The Sandford, together with the range of types of braces and invisible braces, you can confidently look forward to having a new smile. As Orthodontic specialists, we use the most advanced products available and we’ll discuss with you the best solution for speed, discretion and for comfort to suit you.

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At The Sandford we’ll work to straighten or re-position crooked teeth so that they function normally using the most appropriate corrective device, or discrete brace, to gently move misaligned teeth into their correct position. Orthodontic treatment is suitable for everyone, from children to adults, and helps thousands of people every year improve their bite, regain normal eating, or improve their appearance and confidence with an attractive new smile.

Sandford Orthodontists are expertly trained and combine latest knowledge with advanced technology to help patients achieve truly life changing results.

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